Common Difficulties of Foreigners to Get Married in Hong Kong

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Common Difficulties of Foreigner to Get Married in Hong Kong


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As a wedding planner, we have daily conversations with numerous wedding couples from around the world planning to get married in Hong Kong. While there have been lots of excitements and joyous moments, we also identified three common challenges the couples would come across in the whole process from planning to the day they tie the knot. Here below are some lessons learnt, which may be useful in planning your own wedding:

No idea of hotel locations  

While planning the wedding trip, accommodation is obviously one of the first things to consider. Hong Kong is one of the places with highest costs of living in the world. It would definitely be helpful to the wedding couples if they can stay at some cozy place with a balance of convenience and costs for their wedding. No worries, we understand these concerns and are ready to give some useful recommendations on the hotel!


Desire for a complete wedding with limited budget

We have met some couples who have travelled a long way to Hong Kong for marriage registration because of the simplicity and popularity of Hong Kong wedding. They really wished to have good memories of the wedding though having a limited budget. During the wedding ceremony, we would actually take causal photos and capture some precious and rememberable moments for the marrying couples. If necessary, we would provide wedding witnesses to meet the requirements with no additional fees.


Unable to get a bankdraft to settle the required filing fees

This is one of the most common questions we get from the wedding couples. In the application process, the wedding couple is required to pay the filing fees at the time the application is submitted to the marriage office. We learnt from the couples that it is quite time-consuming and costly to issue an overseas bankdraft in a bank, making the application process even more difficult. That’s why we would take care of the payment to the marriage office when we submit the wedding application on behalf of our wedding couples, trying to make everything easier.


Time is too tight

We have come across quite a number of couples who plan to register their marriage in Hong Kong in just a few weeks from the day they sought our help. Actually, the Hong Kong marriage office is quite strict on the application paper and it takes some time for us to work with the couples to get the paperwork ready. More importantly, the wedding appointment can only be reserved after the marriage office has approved the application. Simply put, it’s always advantageous to kick-start the process and get prepared early!


The above are some most common difficulties of couples marrying in Hong Kong. If you have any other issues or need some help in planning your Hong Kong wedding, feel free to contact us by emailing to Let’s work together for your wedding dream in Hong Kong!
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How to Choose between Marriage Registry Wedding and Civil Celebrant Wedding

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How to choose between Official Marriage Registry Wedding and Civil Celebrant Wedding 


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Recently we have got many enquiries from the wedding couples about how to choose between an official marriage registry wedding and civil celebrant wedding in Hong Kong. Sure, they are both valid form of marriage in Hong Kong but they do have something different from each other. So have a look at their comparison before making your own choice:

Wedding Ceremony

For a marriage registry wedding, the wedding ceremony will be officiated by a deputy registrar of marriages appointed by the government. The registrar will guide the marrying couple to take the marriage vows and sign on the marriage certificate.

A civil celebrant is a qualified solicitor or notary public in Hong Kong. If the wedding is celebrated by a civil celebrant, the celebrant will administer the wedding ceremony and direct the marrying parties to take the marriage vows and append their signatures on the certificate.

Marriage Certificate

The layout of the marriage certificate will be the same for both choices. The marriage certificate will be authenticated by a deputy registrar of marriages in a marriage registry wedding while the civil celebrant will do so in a celebrant wedding. For registry wedding, the certificate will be embossed with an official seal of the marriage registry. The personal stamp of the civil celebrant will be appended on the certificate for a celebrant wedding.

Marriage Recognition

Both kinds of the wedding are legal marriages in Hong Kong. They are recognized marriages under the Hong Kong law.

However, if it is required to certify your Hong Kong marriage certificate by apostille service, the marriage certificate signed by civil celebrant will NOT be accepted for such service. It is required to apply and obtain a certified true copy of the marriage certificate separately at the record office of the marriage registry. Additional application and certificate fees will be required.

Moreover, when the marriage is reported to foreign consulate office or other authorities, the marriage certificate signed by civil celebrant is NOT accepted in some case. Again, in that case, it will be necessary to apply and obtain a separate certified true copy of marriage certificate authenticated by the record office of the marriage registry before the certificate can be accepted.

Wedding Place

In a marriage registry wedding, the wedding ceremony will take place at the official marriage registry such as City Hall Marriage Registry or Cotton Tree Drive Marriage Registry. The wedding hours will range from 9 to 5 of the day. Both of the marriage registries are so popular in Hong Kong that they are designated the Grade I historical buildings by the Hong Kong government. It is just classic to register the wedding there.

There is no restriction on the time and place for a civil celebrant wedding. The wedding ceremony can be held at any hour and any place in Hong Kong as agreed by the celebrant. It can be a beach or tram wedding party with a civil celebrant!

Registration Fee

The registration fees for a marriage registry wedding are standard rates provided by government. The fees will be higher for getting married during non-office hours (e.g. Saturday (pm), Sunday or public holiday) than wedding ceremony at office hours.

For civil celebrant wedding, it will largely depend on the charges offered by the civil celebrant. The fees will be different from each other. The charge of some reputable civil celebrant can be much higher.


There are both pros and cons for a classic registry wedding or civil celebrant. Marrying couples should choose the kind of wedding suitable for them according to their own preference and scenario. For example, if it is necessary to certify the marriage certificate or report the marriage to foreign authorities, it may be easier to go for marriage registry wedding. But if wedding flexibility is important, civil celebrant wedding should be the choice as there is no restriction to the time and place for registration.

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Everything Foreigners Need to Know about Getting Married in Hong Kong

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Everything Foreigners Need to Know about Getting Married in Hong Kong

Foreigners getting married in Hong Kong

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Nowadays, destination wedding has becomes very popular internationally. Some information shows that about one in four couples in many countries, including the United Kingdom and United States, goes for destination weddings.

Because of its simple procedure and high reputation, Hong Kong has been one of the most popular destinations for marriage registration. It is very common to see foreigner couples getting married in Hong Kong. If you plan to tie the knot in Hong Kong, read on to ensure you know about some facts about getting married here.

Can Tourists Get Married in Hong Kong?

There is no residential requirement to register a marriage in Hong Kong. No matter you are a tourist, employee with working visa or temporary resident, you are qualified to get married in Hong Kong.

How to Make a Marriage Application from Overseas?

For foreigners staying overseas, it is necessary to file a Notice of Intended Marriage within 3 months from the wedding day. You will have to complete the application forms and notarize them in front of a Notary before sending all required documents with the necessary fees to the Hong Kong marriage office. 

The Notice is good for 3 months. After that time, you must file a new Notice if you have not married. Therefore, it is important that the forms have been completed and notarized properly or you may have to start from the first step all over again.


What are the Required Documents?

To file a Notice, your passports are required. If you have been previously married, you must also show documents proving the previous marriages had been terminated. For those who are between 16 and 21 years old, a written consent from parent or legal guardian is also required. Teens younger than 16 is not allowed to get married in Hong Kong.

When Should You Arrive in Hong Kong?

After the paperwork is done, you can prepare to book your flight and hotel! Generally, you only need to arrive in Hong Kong a few days before your wedding day for making declarations at the marriage office. Then you are ready for the big day!

Who Will Celebrate the Wedding Ceremony?

For wedding ceremony held at the Hong Kong Marriage Registry, an official registrar of marriages will authenticate the wedding ceremony and sign on your marriage certificate. Two wedding witnesses are required in the ceremony. After the ceremony, you will receive the marriage certificate immediately.

What if Extra Copies of Marriage Certificate are Required?

In case you need more copies of the marriage certificate, it can be ordered for an additional charge.

Is Same-sex Marriage Allowed in Hong Kong?

Sorry that same-sex marriage is not legal in Hong Kong. The Hong Kong government does not recognize same-sex marriage legally as of the time of writing.

Still Have Questions?

If you wish to have more information relevant to your scenario, please send us an email or raise your question here.

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Giving Notice of Intended Marriage for Hong Kong Marriage

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Giving Notice of Intended Marriage for Hong Kong Marriage

Notice of Intended Marriage for Hong Kong Marriage

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As you apply to get married in Hong Kong, it is necessary to give a Notice of Intended Marriage before the formal registration of your marriage. Whatever you are local residents or foreigners coming from other countries, celebrating the marriage in a Hong Kong Marriage Registry or Licensed Church in Hong Kong, you must submit a Notice of Intended Marriage in advance to a marriage registry. 

So, when should you prepare to give a Notice of Intended Marriage? 

As required by the Hong Kong Marriage Registry, a marriage can only take place after a Notice of Intended Marriage has been exhibited at the office of the Registrar for a period of not less than 15 days and not more than 3 months. Therefore, you may prepare to give a Notice of Intended Marriage when you are going to have the wedding day in 3-month time but don't make it less than the 15-day requirement. Generally, we would suggest couples to give the Notice of Intended Marriage at least 1 month before the wedding day.

For information required for giving of Notice of Intended Marriage, this part is quite straight-forward. Normally it only needs information like the names of the groom and bride, marital condition, occupation, age, names of parents and residential addresses etc. However, the requirements may be slightly different in some situation. For example, for those who is aged under 21 or being divorced person, some documents such as the consent from parent or divorce certificate may also be required. 

How can foreigners living overseas give the Notice of Intended Marriage

For foreigner couples, it is NOT necessary for you to come over to Hong Kong in weeks or months before the wedding day in order to give the Notice! We will help you submit all the required paper so that your Notice of Intended Marriage can be properly filed before your travelling to Hong Kong.  The wedding couples can then arrive in Hong Kong only a few days before the wedding day, making the marriage application much easier.

If you wish to have more information about the Notice of Intended Marriage or have any questions to ask about Hong Kong marriage, please feel free to contact us by email or raise your question in the form at Contact -

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